Binary Land “Hello World !!!”

Binary Land “Hello World !!!” is an interactive comic book. You need to use the Binary Land app with the book in order to read the whole story. Some frames in the book can be recognized by the app, and in doing so you can enter inside that frame and see what’s happening to the main characters before reading the next page. Follow Java, Yxemel and Arduino in a journey to discover what happened to their village. “Hello World !!!” is the first interactive comic book of the Binary Land series. Using his smartphone, the reader can follow the story from three different points of view and switch from panel to panel, to animated content and interactive content.

Personal project, 2012

ACP Donor Wheel 

Commissioned by the Arts Council of Princeton, the ACP Donor Wheel is a permanent donor recognition sculpture for the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in Princeton, NJ. Placed in the building’s rotunda/lobby is a motorized disk, on which are placed approximately 2000 names, loosely grouped by the first letter of the donor’s last name. Adjacent to the sculpture is a control panel with a button for each letter of the alphabet (excluding Q and X). When a viewer wishes to find a particular name, he or she pushes the corresponding letter on the control panel. The disk rotates and stops at the requested letter and displays all the names corresponding to the requested letter by back-lighting them with white LEDs.

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Heart Bot is an experimental drawing machine controlled by the heart rate of its audience. Commissioned by Sid Lee New York to launch a new collaboration between Intel and SMS audio at the New Museum in New York.

Faces of Facebook (2013)

by Natalia Rojas

“There is a mix of people from all over the world. And somehow we are all telling our friends: ‘Look, this is me, when I like myself.’”

Natalia Rojas, in CNN

Night Walk in Marseille

In close relationship with MediaMonks, yellowBird, part of Getlogic group of companies,  is proud to announce an new 360º project for Google: the Marseille Nightwalk. The Night Walk is a loosely guided tour through the streets of Marseille on one vibrant and beautiful evening. Night Walk starts you out in a small alley in the neighborhood Cours Julien and works a lot like Street View — you can look around in every direction and click wherever you want to zoom in or move ahead. In this case, a tour guide will introduce you to the city as you move along, directing you to look at art, landmarks, and gorgeous views, among much more.

T_Visionarium, 2008

>T_Visionarium was created for the UNSW iCinema Centre’s Advanced Interaction and Visualisation Environment (AVIE), and it offers the means to capture and re-present televisual information, allowing viewers to explore and actively edit a multitude of stories in three dimensions. For T_Visionarium, 28 hours of digital free-to-air Australian television was captured over a period of one week. This footage was segmented and converted into a large database containing over 20,000 video clips.

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Hoffman’s Woodpecker

Aguasonic Acoustics, Beautiful Visualizations of Animal Sounds

The sounds of birds, dolphins, and whales are represented in beautiful circular visualizations in the series“Aguasonic Acoustics” by artist and software designer Mark Fischer. To generate the images, Fischer designed software that processes the sounds using a mathematical procedure called a wavelet. He believes his visualizations are a more comprehensive way to analyze animal sounds than the traditional method, the spectrogram.

(Source: Laughing Squid)